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Financial Director Mark Birchall and Managing Director Craig Martindale have 40 years’ experience in credit control and manage a skilled team of financial and credit professionals which support businesses every day.


We have extensive experience in ensuring SMEs are paid on time and achieves exceptional results for those businesses through a hands-on approach to make a lasting difference to your business.

Craig Martindale

Director, Outsourced Credit Control Ltd


Outsourcing to a reliable partner

We offer a wide range of preventative and proactive financial services to ensure your credit control operations are managed efficiently.

Outsourcing allows you to free up a member of staff so they can concentrate on other aspects of the business – such as your vital sales pipeline.

Following up unpaid invoices can be an uncomfortable and awkward job. We step into that role for you on an affordable monthly basis, for either the short or long-term.

We take on the debt collection journey and, should we need to, we can also move your claim down a legal route to collect debt, if this emerges as the best course of action.Delegating debt collection to us means we take the emotion out of what can be an awkward time for both you and the firm or individual who owes you money.

Our work ensures customers meet credit terms from the outset, which can drastically cut down risk.


How we work

Courtesy and fair treatment are the golden threads running through our whole operation so we can safeguard relationships. Our approach ensures prized customer relationships remain intact.

Clear communication with your team and your debtors is vital to achieve the best outcome, ensuring you are paid on time for the goods or services that you have sold.

We take our instruction from you in how we approach different organisations or individuals who have not paid their invoice. Our tried and tested set of guidelines enable us to ensure your customers meet the correct criteria for being awarded credit, limiting your risk and maintaining your cash flow so you can continue to grow your business.


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