Single Invoice Collection : How can we help?


We can help recover debt owed to you and mediate with that business if you hope to work with them again in the future.

As businesses are under increasing pressure, existing and long established working relationships are becoming strained.

To help support your businesses, we can take on one-off instructions to ensure monies are paid, working relationships are maintained and your processes are robust going forward.


Here’s how single invoice recovery services typically work:

Application: You provide us with details about the invoice(s)you need recovered in writing, and we will send you an agreement detailing that we will act on your behalf to recover the debt.

Verification: We then work to verify the invoice and conduct due diligence on the customer who owes the payment. Through this process we can assess the creditworthiness and reliability of the customer to determine the risk involved plus advise on any special strategy we think needs to be adopted.

Collection: We take responsibility for collecting the payment from the customer. We can handle the collections process directly or work in collaboration with you for this stage of invoice collection.

To prevent unpaid invoices in the long term, we can provide you with month-to-month credit control services to ensure that you get your invoices paid.

Our approach


  • We will chase the debt on your behalf in a professional way using our tried and tested approach
  • We’ll work within an agreed time frame to recover debt under your instruction
  • Legal action is avoided at all costs to reduce time and cost to your business
  • We will work with the debtor to understand their challenges and ensure an achievable resolution for all parties
  • You will be updated regularly on progress

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